What Is Just Got Jingled ?

To spread the holiday cheer, JCPenney has started a campaign they call Just Got Jingled. What exactly is Just Got Jingled you may ask, well we found the answer! Anyone, of any age can join in on the fun too! All you have to do is give something to someone randomly. Yes, that means a random act […]

What Does This Homeless Man Do With $100?

Whenever a homeless person comes up to us asking for money, we always have a doubt in our minds on what they will actually be spending the money on. Josh Paler Lin decided to put this long asked question to the test and set out with this camera to find the answer! After giving $100 to […]

This Single Mother Of Three Gets A Big Surprise

Tis the season for giving and Give Back Films is doing just that. Single mother of three, Megan Curran works four jobs to take care of her family. There are many things on her Christmas list, but some necessities for her family are: a bathroom mirror, microwave, dishwasher and a table so that they can […]

The Police Are Giving Back To Underprivileged Children

In Chicago, the Norridge Police Department has an annual program called “Shop With A Cop.” Every year, over 100 underprivileged children are paired with an officer who takes them on $100 shopping spree to Target in the morning. Before they get to shop, they meet Santa and hang out with other kids their age while […]

You Don’t Have To Spend The Holidays Alone

It’s the holiday season and so many people are not able to be with their families for many reasons. If you are unable to be with your family, you don’t have to spend the holidays alone. Humans of New York(HONY) invites you to join in on their annual tradition. They call it “HONY For The Holidays”, and match up people […]

Grandma Gets Caught Stealing Eggs and Receives A Big Surprise!

Helen Johnson is a 47-year-old grandmother that was determined to feed her grandchildren after they didn’t eat for 2 days. Last week, Helen took a trip to the grocery store to pick up some eggs for them. When she got inside, she realized she was 50 cents short of affording the eggs. Desperate to put food […]

Kansas City Opens Their First Public Natural Gas Station

Eight years ago, Sam Swearngin had an idea of opening a natural gas station in Kansas City, Missouri. His dream finally came true yesterday when the first public natural gas station opened. The total cost to open the station was $2.1 million and is public/private partnership with Clean Energy. For those unfamiliar with the company, they […]

This LA Graffiti Artist Paints Homelessness Through Art

Skid Robot is changing the world of graffiti, one Los Angeles wall at a time. The anonymous graffiti artist is on a mission to create more awareness about this serious situation we face. He is also on a mission to ignite a global revolution of compassion and goodwill   Recently I was asked in a […]

Hope Gardens Brings Hope To The Homeless

Homelessness is an issue in all major cities that many organizations are working on helping to get rid of. The Matt Urban Hope Center is something that has been developed in Buffalo, NY to help those living on the streets. According to reports by the Homeless Alliance of Western New York, on any given night […]

The Millions March Is A Day In History For Human Rights

Today marked a special day in history across the United States. In major cities throughout the nation, tens of thousands of citizens marched in the #MillionsMarch to protest police brutality. In New York City, the protest started at Washington Square Park and ended at the NYPD Headquarters on Broadway. As nighttime began, protesters shut down […]

Norway Has Created The World’s First Bicycle Lift

Most people are familiar with the struggle that takes place while riding your bicycle when faced with a steep uphill. That is when things get tricky! This is no longer a concern for cyclists in the city of Trondheim, Norway because a solution has been found! The Trampe/CycloCable is the world’s first bicycle lift intended for […]