You Can Win a $10,000 Scholarship By Donating Jeans

Are you a teenager? Would you like to win a $10,000 scholarship without having to write a long essay? Well that’s where Teens for Jeans comes in handy! According to Do Something¬†, 1 in 3 people who are homeless in America are under the age of 18. And when asked in shelters what they would […]

This Housekeeper Gets the Surprise of A Lifetime!

If you follow our blog, you know we love touching stories that come with the warning: tissue box sold separately. This video has just gone viral over the last few days and it is just absolutely amazing. Watch it below and comment letting us know your thoughts !   To see more Prank It Forward, […]

This Solar Powered Oven Makes Fresh Water

Eliodomestico is the name of a solar powered oven designed by Gabriele Diamanti. It is a very simple and effective way to produce healthy, bacteria free water. Running on solar power, Eliodomestico was created to provide safe drinking water for people in developing countries. It has the ability of providing up to 5 liters of […]

An Off Grid Community In The Panamanian Jungle

Kalu Yala is an off grid community like one you have never seen before. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Panama, this community has a lot to offer. They support farm to table living and their ultimate purpose is to create an eco-friendly culture where everyone can live in peace. Aside from happiness, Kalu Yala […]