A Global Meditation for Peace

The Chopra Center has created a historic event known as “A Global Meditation for Peace”. Starting in just 9 hours, this event is meant to join individuals together worldwide with the coming intention of world peace. They are looking to set the Guinness World Record for the largest group meditation in history. Join Deepak Chopra, […]

You Can Do Anything – The Story of a HyperPolyglot

At 16 years old, Tim Doner began to gain notoriety by posting numerous videos of himself on Youtube speaking 20 languages. Tim is self taught and explains how he would start by watching television shows in whatever language he was pursuing at the time. Using these newly acquired language skills, Tim was able to make […]

Would You Help A Homeless Child On The Street?

Here’s a social experiment conducted by Fousey Tube,  with the intention of showing how people reacted to seeing a homeless child begging for money on the street. As per his description on YouTube, his goal was to recreate a video from Norway about a homeless boy without a jacket. He expected to see similar reactions and was […]

This Baby’s Reaction is Priceless!

It’s not usual that we see videos like this circulating the internet, but we found it and we had to share. Watch this 10 month old’s reaction as her mother sings (quite beautifully we may add) to her. The emotion can be felt in seconds from watching this.