The Sacred Geometry Shop Says Raise Your Frequency

The Sacred Geometry Shop is looking to bring awareness to the world with their amazing products! From yoga mats to skateboards and much more, each product has a beautiful design of sacred geometry on it! For those who may not be aware, our logo contains the flower of life in it, which is sacred geometry. […]

Prema Designs Is Spreading Love One Bracelet At A Time

For our #111DaysOfGratitude giveaway, we have challenged our sponsors to answer some deep and meaningful questions. One of the amazing companies who have chosen to sponsor our giveaway is Prema Designs. Just like us, their mission is to spread love throughout the world. Their handmade jewelry is absolutely beautyFull and we are extremely thankful to […]

Gratitude With Glass Dharma

Glass Dharma is one of our awesome sponsors for our 111 Days Of Gratitude Giveaway. If you haven’t heard of them yet, we guarantee that you will be seeing a lot more of them in the near future. They have been producing glass straws since 2007 and have been inspiring others to think about their impact on […]

This Performance Is Amazing!

If you haven’t seen this performance yet, then you are in for a treat! This video was posted in December 2013 by Enra Motion Graphics Performing Arts and is currently at over 5 million views! The performance, titled “Pleiades”, is visually stunning and must watch! Enra is an entertainment unit from Japan that “presents the ultimate fusion of […]

The World’s Largest Solar Cooking Class Will Be In Mumbai

In 15 days, 25,000 students from 500 schools in Mumbai will be learning how to assemble a solar cooker, as well as cook in it. Some like to call this event the world’s largest solar cooking class! Last August, Indian non-profit organization Keshav Srushti, along with Professor Rajendra Singh Oorja Abhiyaan (PRSOA), announced the launch […]

This Town Has Free Food Growing On The Street

Todmorden is a town in England that is doing things a little differently. Incredible Edible is a movement that has gone around the town planting vegetables and herbs for the citizens to eat. That means you can freely pick produce just by walking down the street! You don’t have to go to the store to buy […]

Is Free Online Education The Future?

Free online education is a new trend that has emerged over the last few years. The Khan Academy and University of the People aren’t the only free online educational resources available. Coursera is another website where you can learn for free! Their courses don’t just include the usual subjects like math and english. You can study food […]

This Delivery Van Brings Food To The Homeless

Whether there’s rain, sleet or snow, you will catch the Uplift volunteers delivering food to the homeless about three times a week. Uplift is a homeless outreach group that is based out of Kansas City, Missouri and was founded almost 25 years ago. Existing solely off donations, Uplift is committed to feeding and clothing the homeless […]

What Is Just Got Jingled ?

To spread the holiday cheer, JCPenney has started a campaign they call Just Got Jingled. What exactly is Just Got Jingled you may ask, well we found the answer! Anyone, of any age can join in on the fun too! All you have to do is give something to someone randomly. Yes, that means a random act […]

What Does This Homeless Man Do With $100?

Whenever a homeless person comes up to us asking for money, we always have a doubt in our minds on what they will actually be spending the money on. Josh Paler Lin decided to put this long asked question to the test and set out with this camera to find the answer! After giving $100 to […]

This Single Mother Of Three Gets A Big Surprise

Tis the season for giving and Give Back Films is doing just that. Single mother of three, Megan Curran works four jobs to take care of her family. There are many things on her Christmas list, but some necessities for her family are: a bathroom mirror, microwave, dishwasher and a table so that they can […]